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Regulatory Disclosure

The world is demanding greater corporate transparency. Investors want access to more accurate and relevant information about companies, transactions, markets and risk. Our banking system is robust and strong because of our outstanding corporate governance practices. At FirstRand Bank India, we believe the way we govern our bank plays a central role in the strength and health of the global economy.

FirstRand is commitment to fair dealing and integrity in the conduct of its business. This philosophy is entrenched in the board of directors' commitment to exercise due care and skill (diligence) and act in good faith (fiduciary duties). The board believes that its commitment to these ethical values will benefit all its stakeholders. Decisions taken by the board determine not only the direction of FirstRand, but also the way in which it is managed.

FirstRand Bank India is committed to fair dealing and integrity, and upholds and maintains the highest levels of good corporate governance through the policies and procedures mentioned below.


Know your customer

Know your customer (KYC) regulations require financial institutions to implement due diligence policies to check the identity, background and source of wealth of their potential and existing clients.

To be KYC compliant, you will need to produce documents from the list given below as proof of identity to the bank:

  • PAN card (mandatory)
  • And any one of these documents:
      • Valid passport
      • Voter's identity card
      • Valid driver's licence
      • Aadhaar letter or card



 Financial reports

  • Annual report FirstRand Bank March 2018